Landscapes and Silence

December 2016-March 2017
Collateral Projects of Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016
An Indo-Canadian Project 
Curated by Tanya Abraham and Wayne Baerwaldt 
Terry Billings
Gabriela García-Luna
Risa Horowitz
Zachari Logan
Sheila Spence
Sebin Joseph
Idukki, Kerala, India
G R Iranna
New Delhi, India
K K Muhamad 
Baroda, Gujarat, India
Shubha Taparia
London, United Kingdom




Curator’s Notes

The four Indian artists in this exhibition, bring a range of experiences and perspectives, to represent concepts of silence in diverse landscapes and situations. The exhibition draws attention, to the evolving concepts of silence associated with ecological and environmental changes on one hand, and on the other, there exists a silence, in the element of infinity, the eternal and the ephemeral. The artists also view this existence of silence, from the perspective of ideas, ideologies and understandings of its strong  presence at the core of our landscapes. The presence of the abstract and transient, where both elements of silence, are unearthed and expressed as an unscathed presence in our landscapes. This is then translated into the existence of life itself, all of which are inextricably woven into a daring and vivid presentation through art. As creativity rests in the realm of the unspoken, an intangible occurrence of the real, there is the explanation of how landscapes and all things living finally, and naturally, ends in the silence of eternal consciousness.

Tanya Abraham


Kochi, India

For centuries, artists have represented the idyllic peace and quiet of the countryside and, for the most part their artistic output, supported the moral, aesthetic and spiritual values of a largely urban audience for art. Times have changed and artists bring new forms of critique and hybrid media to representing changing values and meaning.  As traditional family farms, small town life and natural habitats succumb to a range of pressures for change, artists are finding new ways to analyze related moral, aesthetic and spiritual values associated with a silence commonly associated with rural and natural landscapes.

 In both Canada and India we’re experiencing rapid changes to rural lifestyles. While attempting to understand the complex socio-economic interpretations of such change, some artists are responding to the esthetic qualities associated with the dramatic changes.  The unique sense of silence found in rural and natural landscapes is rapidly disappearing. 

Wayne Baerwaldt 


Saskatchewan, Canada

Design by Aditya Patil